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The law can be costly…

Disputes consume time, energy and money. many years experience of resolving a huge range of legal disputes has convinced Solicitors Bournemouth of the benefits of a pragmatic, commercial approach. Disputes are there to be resolved – quickly, efficiently and creatively. So that you can get on with whatever you really want to do.

Transactions need prompt, thorough and active attention to bring them to a successful completion on time. They also require an experienced eye that focuses on the important issues. In our negotiating stance we will concentrate our efforts on areas of significant risk and matters that affect value – the things that have real impact on you.

Solicitors Bournemouth specialises in the resolution of legal disputes and property transactions. We can represent you in litigation, arbitration, mediation and expert determination. We can act with expertise in a range of transactions concerning commercial, agricultural and residential property.

We recognise disputes can be costly and time consuming to resolve. We are always pleased to advise with a view to avoiding prospective disputes altogether. Where a dispute cannot be avoided, we work with our clients to establish, at the outset, realistic objectives and time frames for achieving those objectives. We actively seek to negotiate settlements. If we consider a claim is not worth pursuing or defending, we will tell you so.

Property deals carry risks and worries, we like to lighten our clients’ load. To achieve an early conclusion, transactions need to be driven. I like to manage transactions actively, concentrating on the important issues but with thorough attention to details. We recognise that legal documents can be difficult to follow. We strive for clarity in our documents and advice, so that you feel confident and properly informed about the process.